Wednesday, May 21, 2014


    In order to survived this war,we need to become mentally broke. So we became heartless,fearless. But !!don't ever become moneyless. Because if we do not have money, how we gonna pay for our food,house,car,gasoline,clothes.....erm...WiFi..and ...Astro.
   Actually we are surrounded by crazy people. They just don't shout it out loud..'Hey....I am crazy'. Hell no, it is not like a crazy man gonna run so fast while shouting : 'Heeeyyyyyy I aaammmmm Crazy'. No it is not gonna happen like that.
    Imagine you are at the restorant. There are one guy on the next table. Try ask that guy. 'Hey man,are you crazy ?'. What do you think his answer will be. He might punch you in your face,or he just simply answer : "No,I am not crazy. Why are you asking ?''. Or he suddenly run fast while hold his head with both hand and shouting : " Nooooo...I aaammm nooot crazy".
    Imagine there is a guy sit alone in the garden. He is laughting to himself from morning to evening. Do you thing he is crazy. He might not crazy. Maybe he is watching funny video from YouTube. But if you meet a guy like this. My advise is just stay away from him. Because I have this fucking experience in Kuala Lumpur. There was a woman ,crazy woman I think ,but she is sexy. Then...err...you know, I stop by and checked her body. Maybe she realize how pervert I was. Then ,suddenly she come toward me and wanna hit me with stick. Thanks God I was born athlete which mean I have the ability to run faster...fuh...that was close man.
     Guys, what you see is not always like what it is. That guy look like crazy guy. Maybe he just pretend to be crazy. Maybe he is police undercover.
     There also many type of crazy. Well crazy for money,crazy for women,crazy for drug, crazy for political power...yeah and just crazy. Well I mean he is not crazy for money or anything...err...he just crazy man....Hey man,you asking so many fucking question,you are making me crazy.
      Anyway ,there actually many crazy people around us. They just don't shout it out loud and they don't take medicine. Hehehehe....Hey crazy man...don't forget to take your medicine.....hahahhhaha..